Knowledge App

Access Easily, Store Piece by Piece

Sample with MVC+webapi 5.2, OData v4, entityframework 6, state management (itera), and knockout 3.1

Contact: William Jansen, LinkedIn.

Keep it, but keep it simple

Store and manage knowledge with this app. It works on and adapts to any of your smart devices.

You can start building your knowledge for easy access to it in the future, once you have signed in with your Facebook or Google account.

It will take 2 clicks or taps to get from, say, "My Favourite Recipes" to "Performing a Solution Deployment". (I don't have time for more.)

Create and Develop

Knowledge is put together in the form of processes consisting structural elements such as phases and tasks as well as detailed content (text, images, files). (What is structure separated from detail?)

You redefine the process with little effort (drag-and-drop) as you gain more knowledge and you get a clearer view of it. (I don't need a manager.)

In time and based on small everyday contributions, you will have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. (I want to get to the point.)

Internet is all that is needed

Throw away the notebook and grab your smart device!

This app only requires a browser. Use it from the device of your choice (e.g. smartphone, PC, tablet, Kindle, smart TV, smart Board).

It will remain free (for goodness' sake).

Start here.